We believe that …

God created the world and called it “very good.”
(see Genesis 1–2 )

God’s human creatures turned it bad by dis-trusting God and going their own way.
(see Genesis 3)

God promised to rescue His world and reclaim His people from sin, death, and the devil.
(see Genesis 3.15)

God promised to do this through Abraham’s family, the people of Israel.
(see Genesis 12.1–3)

Sin proved too strong.
Israel also dis-trusted God and went their own way.
God sentenced them to die in exile.
(see Isaiah 1–10 )

But God promised He Himself would come and finish the job as Israel and in Israel’s place.
(see Isaiah 53–56)

God’s Son did it by being born among the people of Israel, receiving the name Jesus, calling Israel back to God, then finally suffering the worst of sin and dying with it.
(see Luke 22.37 and 23.46)

By raising Jesus from the dead, God made a new beginning for his good creation.
(see Luke 3.38 and 24.36–49 along with Acts 10.34–43 )

To share in this new beginning, trust and follow Jesus.
(see Acts 3.17–26)

Jesus would have you die to your sin by being joined to His death and resurrection in Baptism.
(see Acts 2.36–39 and Romans 6.1–14)

Jesus would have you live a new life with His Church, living now to love God and sacrificially serve your neighbor.
(see Luke 6.20–49 and 12.22–34)

For those who ignore and reject Jesus, please realize that you remain under the threat of his judgment.
(see Luke 13.5 and 19.11–27; also Acts 3.19–23)

For those who trust and follow Jesus, rejoice, because he promises to raise you from the dead and give you a permanent place among his people when he comes to make God’s world “very good” again.
(see Luke 20.34–38 and Acts 3.19 – 23)

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