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Identity Youth Week (June 4-7) aims to deepen awareness of teens (entering 7th grade to exiting 12th grade) about who they are in the eyes of Christ, themselves, their peers, and their community. With 1,000 different voices telling them “Be anything,” “Do anything,” “Believe anything,” and ever multiplying ways to express themselves, it is our desire to help each other walk with the one who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Each morning will start with worship, followed by our main speaker Julie Keeley, revealing biblical truths about who God is and why that matters. Mentors will host discussions, guiding a team of 5-8 students, separated by gender and age range, keeping topics narrowed to the group’s dynamics.

Afternoons will focus on activities aimed at deepening the students’ awareness of their part in the world around them through service to our greater community. Helping the local public elementary school with labor projects, leading games and activities for New American children, planting flowers to beautify the community, assisting elderly with yard work, and working together with a other ministry outreach programs will impact people in this 3 mile radius.

The day will conclude with reflection on the conversations and activities. Students will be filled with new experiences and thoughts … ideas that will incite further discussion throughout their evening. Be ready to engage.

Cost for the entire week: $10
Doors open 8:30 a.m. Pick up at 4:00 p.m. Carpooling may be arranged if needed.
Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.
Students will be going off site with their teams and mentors. Only adults will be driving. Please read/sign the waivers.

Bring a friend … and register soon! First 100 registrations get FREE SOCKS!
Dress in appropriate clothing and shoes for the day’s activities (shorts and t-shirts).
Be ready to be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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The Identity Youth Week Team,
Hosted at Epiphany Lutheran Church